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Twins - Aow sam

Name divesite: Twins
Average Depth:
12m (40ft)
Maximum Depth: 21m (70ft))
10-20m (32-196ft)
Boat, Speedboat
Time to visit:
April - September

Descending down onto the large rocks in a depth of 9m (30ft) you will find the dive site come to life. Alabaster sea cucumbers with their feathery mouthparts occur in large numbers, but are part of a more interesting community scattered around rocks and boulder corals, which are rich with multicoloured Christmas tree worms and bivalve molluscs.
Heading west from the shallower pinnacle, you will pass over a large sand patch with a saddleback anemone fish haven. Be careful that you don't disturb them with careless finning!

Heading deeper to the west you will come across the second and larger pinnacle that houses big groupers, banner fish, titan triggers and snappers.

Right at the far end of this site, the depth goes down to about 20m (67ft) and there are other smaller pinnacles leading you further off. If you continue further about 100m (330ft) west you will eventually come to the site known as "Noname Pinnacle".





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