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Infinity summer scuba camp

Infinity diving invites you to indulge your senses on the lush tropical island of Koh Samui.  Escape the desert heat, and let your children discover a wealth of experiences beneath the waves.

Let your children partake in a fully progressive PADI certified course and gain a comprehensive practical introduction to ocean conservation and awareness at the same time.

We run Scuba diving programs from 1-3 weeks during the summer holidays for children aged 8-18 as well as providing many other exciting activities.

Our aim is to look after mums and dads too so we have some special relaxing activities arranged such as spa treatments and relaxing days on golden sands.



Diving activities

Scuba Camp is a very special experience for a child, where they are introduced to a new underwater world that they can explore safely by snorkelling or scuba. It is a once in a lifetime experience, and one that your child will never forget!

Depending upon the age of the child there are a variety of different packages available. Below are some examples of entry level courses and the appropriate ages.

PADI Snorkel; this program is for kids age 4-7.
PADI SASY; this program is for kids age 4-7.
PADI Bubblemaker; this program introduces kids aged 8-10 to scuba diving in a controlled environment like a swimming pool.
PADI Seal Team- this program is for kids age 8 and up.
PADI Junior Open; this program is for kids age 10-14.
PADI Open Water- this program is for kids and adults age 15 and up.
PADI Jr Advanced Open Water; this program is for kids 12 and up provides a depth of 21 meters.

We have Open water and Advanced courses starting every week so finding a slot should be no problem. We have provided you with some information about the course length and how we organise the courses.

PADI is the acronym for the Professional Association of Diving Instructors, the world's leader in scuba training courses. There are PADI diving schools all over the world and a PADI certification is universally recognized. Infinity Diving has some of the most experienced PADI instructors,, safety standards and commitment to continuing education.

With PADI there is a clear progression in scuba certifications from the Introductory Open Water all the way through to Professional Divemaster.



We also teach over 12 different scuba specialties so that children can continue to build on their skills with each new scuba camp voyage.

Most of our teen scuba camps are offered in and around Koh Samui where the academic portions of the diving courses are completed. The diving is done in famous Koh Tao on the many beautiful dive-sites. Scuba publications regularly feature Koh Tao for their exceptional diversity of diving environments, marine life, water quality and visibility. The close proximity of dive sites allows us to maximize our time for all in-water and associated activities.


During our programs, Infinity provides absolutely all scuba gear necessary for the courses. This includes masks, fins, BCD, tank and regulator. Kids joining us for any advanced-level scuba course have a complete set of equipment issued to them for the duration of the program. Students learning to dive for the very first time have their equipment stored and taken care of by their instructors in between dives, so as to ensure that everything is ready to go when it is time to dive!


project aware activities

Our Project AWARE activities are run by our instructors and, offer a fascinating opportunity for your children to learn more about the worlds waterways and environments.

The introductory Project AWARE courses include Project AWARE specialty, Project AWARE Fish Identification, and PADI Underwater naturalist.

Following from these courses are more involved marine biology activities and science programs which go into more detail about specific areas. The modules that are covered are set out below.


The above Project AWARE courses are delivered to all children in an age appropriate teaching format.

Project AWARE topics Include...
Crazy about coral reefs - a look into the life of the coral reef and its inhabitants
Sharks rule - We look at the plight of the shark and how over time they have declined in numbers.
Kelp - Its a forest out there. We look at the important that kelp forests play in sea ecosystems.
Go wild with whales and dolphins - We look at these mighty animals and give an insight into how they live.
Beach clean-ups - We educate the children about the importance of recycling and disposing of waste properly. Children will actively participate in a beach clean-up.
Environmental awareness - we discuss how long things take to decompose and breakdown and look at issues like water conservation.
Weird Fish!
Artificial Reefs




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