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refresh your dive skills

We offer a refresh service to all customers who feel a bit rusty with their diving skills. If you have not dived in the last six months we recommend that you take a refresh with us to sharpen and tune your underwater skills.

We can offer you a full refresh of the 20 Open Water skills or just concentrate on areas you feel need work.

We are happy to conduct the refresh in our swimming pool or in shallow open water on the morning of a fun dive.

All our instructors are very patient and will be only too happy to go at your speed!

You have two Options for refreshing your skills

1) Free refresher course - we are happy to refresh you on the most important scuba skills for free.

2) PADI Scuba Review - This is a thorough refresh of the 20 PADI Open Water skills that you learnt during your Open Water course.

Contact us now if you are planning fun diving and want some advice on refreshing your skills and planning your diving experiences.
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