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Dive Sites in the gulf of thailand

Koh Samui is a hub for some of the most amazing dive sites available in Thailand with an impressive variety of marine life which is truly outstanding. There is a vast range of dive sites to choose from: reefs, walls, pinnacle and boulder diving. We have it all!

The dive sites are for all levels of divers. We choose out of a variety of dive sites and we cater from beginner to experienced. Generally most diving is centered around Koh Tao although at the correct time of year the marine park can be amazing. Koh Tao is about 1.15hr by speedboat from Samui. B y far the biggest selection of divesites is found around Koh Tao. Due to under-development on the island the reefs surrounding the shores of Koh Tao have remained in good condition.

For more information on the history of Koh Tao please click here.

We also visit the famous site called 'Sailrock' which is located just 45 minutes by speedboat from Samui. See below for details about this fantastic site.


• Koh Tao
• Koh Nang Yuan
• Chumphon Pinnacle
• Southwest Pinnacle
• Sail Rock
• Angthong Marine Park
• Koh Phangan




Average Depth: 20m (66ft)
Maximum Depth: 36m (120ft)

This is one of the best dive sites in Thailand. Chumphon Pinnacle can be challenging, with occasionally strong currents. Ranging from depths of 12m to 36m, the site is a large granite rock pinnacle arranged in a rough oval and running from North to South.

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Average Depth: 17m (56ft)
Maximum Depth: 28m (93ft)

Southwest Pinnacle, a series of rock formations ranging from 4m to 30m, is another of Koh Samui's top dive sites. The tops of the pinnacles are covered with a carpet of anemones in brilliant greens, pinks and blues, with their cavalcade of pink anemone fish.

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Average Depth: 18m (60ft)
Maximum Depth: 33m (110ft))

Situated 45km North of Koh Samui, Sail Rock is acknowledged as a 5 star dive site in the Gulf of Thailand. It has everything to offer! It is a single granite rock pinnacle rising from the sea floor at 30m to stand an impressive 15m above the surface.

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Average Depth: 15m (50ft)
Maximum Depth: 28m (93ft))

Possibly Koh Tao's most varied site, Shark Island is a small uninhabited island just to the southeast of Koh Tao. Sloping gently from the surface down to 24m, there is always something new to see here including some of the Gulf of Thailand's most stunning soft coral.

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Average Depth: 15m (50ft)
Maximum Depth: 25m (83ft)

Fascinating rock formations create small caves and swimthroughs at Green Rock. It ranges in depth from 4m to 28m. Brightly colored Nudibranchs are omnipresent, as are Morays, Harlequin Sweetlips and Blueringed Angelfish.

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Average Depth: 15m (50ft)
Maximum Depth: 24m (80ft))

One of Koh Tao's most popular dive sites with a depth range of 6 to 22 meters and situated a little South of Koh Nangyuan. The site comprises of one large granite pinnacle and a smaller rock formation lying in deeper water, a short distance away to the West.

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As the name suggests this site comprises of a pair of large rocks which lie just off the West side of the picturesque island of Koh Nangyuan. One rock lies nearer to the island at around 8 meters and the other further out at around 16 meters. Between the two rocks you'll come across a lovely family of resident Clown Fish ( yes you've found Nemo!). Look out for White Eyed Moray Eels, Blue Spotted Rays, Bannerfish, Butterflyfish, Red Breasted Wrasse and the resident Turtle.

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On the East side of Koh Tao lies Hin Wong. It is a large and very varied site ranging from depths of 10m to 32m. Although visibility here is unpredictable, Hin Wong is covered in lacy sea fans and curly wire coral. You will see Filefish, Snapper, Coral Grouper and other reef fish. For the macro-minded: Hin Wong also has some beautiful invertebrates. Look especially for brightly colored nudibranchs.


Anyone who watched "The Beach" with Leonardo Di Caprio will feel right at home as this is the portrayed group of islands featured in this movie. Remember all the swimthroughs, caves and tunnels? Well, they are all here! At Koh Yippon Lek you can even follow an underwater tunnel straight through the island. It is situated in the Angthong National Marine Park and is the spawning ground for many fish species. You can at times find yourself totally surrounded by Jacks, Fusiliers and Juvenile Barracuda. The depth ranges from 5 to 20 m.

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