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chumphon pinnacle

Name divesite: Chumphon Pinnacle
Average Depth:
20m (66ft)
Maximum Depth: 36m (120ft))
10-60m (32-196ft)
Boat, Speedboat
Time to visit:
April - September

The best dive site in all of the Gulf Of Thailand is undoubtedly Chumphon Pinnacle, a lozenge shaped rock that begins at about 16 metres and goes down to 30metres, with a flat bottom sloping away from its base. Visibility out here can be spectacular thanks to its ocean location rather than being close to the shore - it's not uncommon to be able to see 20 metres and beyond. And it's just as well, because the star attraction at Chumphon Pinnacle are the grey reef sharks that patrol its edges.

Chumphon Pinnacle is located 11km to the north west of Koh Tao and is considered by many, as the best dive site in the region. Made up from one huge granite pinnacle and a series of smaller ones, Chumphon's main difference to Sail Rock is that the pinnacle starts 14m underwater and drops off to over 36m.


Whalesharks are a common visitor here and they arrive with an entourage of hangers on like remoras and other smaller fish.

Manta rays also pass by on occasions. Giant trevally hunt bait fish around the pinnacles. Great barracuda, mackeral and tuna are some of the other big visitors.

Large grouper can be found under ledges.

Moray eels like the crevices in the rocks. Titan triggerfish can be very territorial here. Parrotfish, pufferfish, trumpet fish and butterflyfish are numerous. Leopard sharks can occasionally be seen on the sandy bottom. Curious batfish like to watch divers.


The shallower area's of the pinnacle is covered in purple, pink and red anemones. Clownfish, schools of bannerfish, yellow box fish and surgeonfish will greet you when you are doing your safety stop at eight meters deep.



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